HE HAS RISEN! = Easter

He Has Risen!(and you promptly say) He Has Risen Indeed!

This was one of the few liturgical elements we observed in my church growing up, and i always loved it!

Now, going to an Anglican Church, this call and response is apart of our liturgy. A little more formal, a little less frequent, but said all the same.

PS: This was the first thing i said to my wife this morning when she woke me up. I opened my eyes and said, "He Has Risen!" And she smiled, looked back at me and said, "He Has Risen Indeed!"

She is pretty awesome! And a wise liturgist for sure!

To cap off this easter post i thought i would include this little ditty by Rob Bell on RESURRECTION! It's a pretty sweet new video he put out! It's free if you want to download it or read the script, or any of that good stuff. Check it out at RobBell.com

Resurrection: Rob Bell from The Work of Rob Bell on Vimeo.