[ LENT ] = It's Holy Week

Well it's Holy  Week! In all honesty i can't say this has been the richest experience of Lent that i've ever had. It's been alright. I haven't played any iPhone games, which has been good and kept me more engaged and focused on other things. But my Lenten discipline of first things hasn't gone very well at all. In case you missed it, the activity i call "first things" is to do my daily prayers and bible reading / devotional readings the 1st thing of everyday. And yea, i have a baby, 3 months old now and it's nearly impossible to do anything. PERIOD. And extra impossible to do anything before i take care of him in the mornings because if i'm up i have kid duties! Which is find since mom wakes up with him during the night. So this part of my Lenten activities hasn't gone so well but that's alright. It's not really about doing everything perfectly. If we could do that we wouldn't really need the resurrection now would we.

But it's Holy Week which means Lent is nearing completion. And Friday is near and Sunday is around the corner.

The story we participate in as followers of Jesus is so epic! I love Lent and in particular Holy Week because we have so many great opportunities to retell & relive the story!

At my church (Church of the Redeemer) we are having 4 noon time eucharist services (m-th). We will be having a Tenebrae service on Wednesday. Maundy Thursday. Good Friday service (where i will be giving one of the meditation on Jesus' last word - i'm excited about that) and then Sunday is the big day!

It's great to retell / relive the story! To be reminded of of where we have been, where we are, and where we are going.

I anticipating the call and response of Sunday morning! Can't wait!

Hoping Erik