[ LENT ] this years journey...

Well this year I am not giving up my social media practices like I did last year. Thank God! This year I am giving up something way more pointless that consumes WAY to much of my time. Games.


(This is my phone :: LOTS of apps, most of them really stupid games) (MY CONFESSION)

Games on my phone primarily, but the computer, PS2 and things like that. But primarily games that I play on my phone. I have WAY to many games / apps on my phone (as you can see above :: and yes, it's a little embarrassing) . If there is ever a still moment in my day I am usually playing one them. Even when I am sitting on the pot (sorry for the horrible mental picture there) but even then I am probably playing a game on my phone. Most nights before I go to bed I play a game or two, although lately I’ve tried to start reading instead. But yea, you get my point, this distraction is way to prevalent in my life… So for Lent I will be giving up games.

For my Lenten practices I have made it a point to give something up and take something on. Last year I took on what I called “The principle of first things” with the idea being that the first thing I do everyday of the Lenten season would be to read, pray, and most importantly spend time with Jesus. I plan on doing that again.

So part of my confession here is that I spend way to much time on my phone, and that I far to often push my spiritual life aside to be productive and/or distracted. This Lent I hope to journey into a death of these things so that my soul can be raised to life with Jesus on Easter Sunday.

In part, Lent is a journey of the cross that culminates in a participation in the resurrection.

I look forward to resurrection. But first, [ LENT ]

Grace and peace, Prayer and fasting, Erik

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