blogging, life, and missions...

I really hope to be better at blogging and even plan on doing some video blogging here in the new year. With said, i am also a slacker and haven't started despite the fact that we are a month into the new year. I do have a few thought provoking blogs to post here soon. Some reading that has been done in the new year that i would like to share and a cool partnership that is being formed. All kinds of blogs - a - brewing!


My wife and i are having out first date night since the kiddo came along. Jack will be hanging out with his Nashville grandparents while Andrea and i go out for a night on the town. Actually we are attending a banquet for a non profit organization that i really thing is doing some amazing thing and that i want to find ways to partner with in the next year.

GlobalSupportMissionButtonCONNECTThe organization is Global Support Mission and they are doing some amazing thing on the ground all over the world. Their Know.Think.Act initiative is a really tangible way to enable people to get involved in the specific needs of real people. LOVE IT! i love it because it's enable people to Live Love!

Hoping to think of some creative ways for eMinistries to partner with these guys in the future!

So that's the scoop!

Grace and peace - and blog to come! Erik