My Top Five of the 09 (+ some) // Music Monday 17.0

Well I love doing top 5 lists in honor of my Number One all time favorite movie. So below is my top 5 albums of 09. I think most of these albums even came out in 09 but I at least started listening to them all in 09. And they are kinda in order but it’s REALLY hard to list them and order them and to even pick a top 5, so there are also some honorable mentions below. #1. Switchfoot :: Hello Huricane switchfoot_hh_albumart

#2. Urban Rescue :: Urban Rescue

#3. Kings of Leon :: Only By The Night

#4. Derek Webb :: Stockholm Syndrome

#5. Need to Breath :: The Outsiders

John Mayer :: Battle Studies | Future of Forestry :: Travel II | The Civil Wars :: Live at Eddies Attic | William Fitzsimmons :: Live from the Downtown Studios | Paper Route :: Absence | Bon Iver :: Blood Bank | Fiction Family :: Fiction Family

So that’s my list. What’s yours? I would love to hear. Here are the top 5 albums [ of the decade ] according to Paste Magazine. I’m gonna think about this a bit, I might try and post my own top 5 of the decade. But that is a pretty hard task. I’ll give it a shot one of these Monday’s soon.

PASTE #1. Sufjan Stevens :: Illinois #2. Wilco :: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot #3. Arcade Fire :: Funeral #4. Radio Head :: Kid A #5. Bright Eyes :: I’m Wide Awake, It’s Mornin