Football :: Fantasy and beyond!

superbowl-trophyWell i love me some football! And i really love me some fantasy football but admittedly i don't often do well. I have set up a league the last 3 years and this was the first year that i made it to the league super bowl, and I would like to announce, I WON! I am the 2009 fantasy super bowl champion!!! In the championship game I beat Thomas McKenzie (convincingly i might add) who had named him team, “Nashville Throne of Blood” (hilarious). This was my year!

I also played in 2 other leagues. I did ok in one and in the other, a salary camp league, I also won it all. And it wasn’t even close. I actually was in the top 2% of all the people world to play in this ESPN league. Pretty stoked about that.

So yea, it was a successful fantasy year. I look forward to the next!

BUT before that, we have the Minnesota Vikings. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge Vikings fan. THIS COULD BE THE YEAR!!!

GO Farve! GO VIKES!!!