a slow year | 10' : let's make it happen!

So, 2009 was a really slow year... in just about every way. I mean it ended strong (click here) but over all, pretty slow. One of the ways i quantify this is via my reading list. Most years i read a good list of books, or at least a good list of half read books and a few fully ready books. My goal in 09' was to read 12 book, well to finish 12 books (one per month).

I DIDN'T SUCCEED. (like i said, slow year)

In 09' i read 7 books and 2 of them hardly even count.

:: My List ::

#1. The Holy Longing : the search for A Christian Spirituality Ronald Rolheiser #2. Life Together : The Classic Exploration of Faith in Community Dietrich Bonhoeffer #3. Flickering Pixels : How Technology Effects your Faith Shane Hipps #4. Take Your Best Shot : Do Something Bigger Than Yourself Austin Gutwein #5. Where the Wild Things Are Marurice Sendak #6. A Million Miles in a Thousand Years Don Miller #7. My Secret: A PostSecret Book Frank Warren

All these books were pretty good. I would note The Holy Longing and  Million Miles, those 2 are must reads. And if your in youth ministry you MUST READ My Secret. There are few Post Secret books but this one focuses on youth and young adults. Startling, eye opening, and a book that evokes compassion for sure!


I also listened to a handful of books (according to Brad Goode these books count :: i don't think so)

#1 #2. #3. Chronicles of Narnia C.S. Lewis #4. Generous Orthodoxy Brian McLaren #5. Tribes Seth Godin

SO... 2010 will be a better year. i'm already about through 1 book, (easy read and i had a 4 hour plane ride.) There were also about a dozen half read books in 2009, i will read those early in 2010, start the year off right!

So yea, let's get rolling, i mean reading!

Peace Erik