A New Years Blog (s)

2010I’ve seen a lot of tweets and blogs about the New Year and the new decade. 2010 : twenty ten : or just TEN. I think we are all excited! For me there are 2 things ::

I love starts / re:starts and firsts. They offer a fresh start, a clean slate and times of reflection. Things I often need!

And second, God had given me a fresh perspective on this time of year. A perspective that has really challenged me and grown me. I preached a message last year about resolutions. The new perspective is that maybe resolutions are a list of things we are wanting freedom from. God’s people have a reputation for needing to be freed, for needing to be saved from our captivity. I think most of a resolution we make reflect the things or issues we want to be freed from.

When we want to stop smoking we are hoping to be freed from addiction. When we want to lose wait or get fit we are wanting to be freed from our laziness and our lack of discipline. When we are wanting to get out of debt we are trying to be freed from the chains of money, greed and possessions. I can’t think of a resolution that is made that doesn’t reflect a type of freedom being desired!

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” :: Galatians 5:1

Freedom is a pretty huge theme for the Christian. And the New Year is a perfect time to reflect on the ways Jesus wishes you to be freed, to live in his freedom.

I have also ran across a ton of great New Years blog posts. Here are a few ::

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I found a few more but these were some good ones! If you have run across any yourself let me know, i would love to read them.

Wish your a great 10!

Grace and peace Erik