Rob Bell // Drops Like Stars


So i went to see Rob Bell the other night. His current tour is called Drops Like Stars. It's an attempt to look at suffering differently, to change the question a bit.

It was good, not mind blowing or anything but really good. I could unload on you all my thoughts but instead you should just go get the book. Word on the street is that the book and the tour are the same things. I plan on reading the book.

So, here you will just get some of my thoughts that i wrote (on my iPhone) while Rob was talking.


(this is an image i took while Rob was talking about Jonny Cash at the Viper Room in LA)

// my notes // --------------- //Insulators / The box - When the box is crushed, something random is done or happens, that's when we realize there is no box / or our box is destroyed. - How can we smash the box?

// Telling people "i'm fine" and suffering behind the curtain. - How to live honestly?

>> The Art of Honesty

// "There is no way to God except through trouble." (This was a quote from somebody but i don't remember who. I'm sure it's in the book.)

// The heart of the gospel is the cross. - The heavenly incarnational "i know how you feel"

// Art and Feat :: a book (i made a note cause i'm interested in reading this book he spoke of)

// "This to will shape me" (this is something Rob said that noted)


Well those were my notes. Obviously he said a lot more than that but those are the few thing he said that i wrote down. He did say one other thing that has stuck in my head. It was pretaining to his words on the "art of elimination" which is the section in his talk where he has us hold a bar of soap and talked about the time he invited sculptors over to his house to sculpt bars of soap. The point was that some things will need to be taken away, eliminated, in order for you to see the potential in your "bar of soap" / your life. Extremely sold point and illustrated with absolute creativity. I LOVE IT! i will probably steal the idea in the future!

So that's my Rob Bell / Drops Likes Stars love for today. Go read the book! (here is a good review of the book if your interested)

And just incase your not familiar with Rob Bell (which, how could you not be)  he's the dude who does the little 10 min video called nooma. As i was looking for a Drops Like Stars pic to post uptop i found this nooma. Enjoy! (it's old Rob but good!)