Take Your Best Shot :: Book Review

_200_350_Book.93.coverAwareness is the start of Revolution and a good story can stir the imagination of the masses. These are two things that are true and come to life in the book, Take Your Best Shot by Austin Gutwein. This is simple book, written for a Jr. and Sr. High school audience but commutates a story that wakes up any reader to action and compassion.

As I read Austin’s story I thought over and over again, if this kid can do it why can’t I? I think that is the power of this book, the reader, regardless of age, profession, or resources is inspired to keep her eyes and heart open to the needs in the world and then to think of ways to use passion and purpose to make a difference, which is exactly what Austin does in this book.

Revolution is about turning corrupt and incompetent systems on their head and living in such a way that compassion produces change. Austin saw a system of poverty in Africa and decided something had to change. He was filled with such compassion that he became a revolutionary and his story challenges us to join this revolution of love and compassion. Read this book and be inspired to a revolutionary way of life!


Thomas Nelson send me free books occasionally to review. I get about 200 words to share my thoughts. Above are those thoughts.

Grace and Peace Erik