Website :: RE-launch

Well i'm super stoked about this news! My website is NEW and IMPROVED! For a couple years i have had this website :: but it hasn't functioned even close to how i hoped that it would. LUCKILY i have some talented friend here in Nashville (otterball web design) that were able to fix this issue. NOW, my website is a well oiled machine! And i am excited for you to check it out!

erikwillits site background

:: Some things on my new site that you're going to want to check out ::

.:: My new video is up and viewable! Check out the media page to view my short film entitled IDENTITY.

.:: My new merch store! My friends over at Store Envy helped me to set it up and we linked it to my new website launch. Check it out my buy a t-shirt!

.:: Revolutionary Thoughts are also up on my website. Just a few of my favorite are up here. But there are a few you can't hear anywhere else. Check it out!

.:: There are a bunch of new things on the resources page. Make sure to check those things out as well.

.:: And of course the booking page is functioning! So book me for your next event!!!

Over all it's just looking good, so make sure you check it out and let me know what you think.

Grace and peace erik