a top 5 // music monday 16.0 - .5

My top 5 recent records i've recently listened to. It's been awhile since i have done a music monday so instead of just giving you one album you should listen to i have decided to give you 5! Enjoy!

switchfoot_hh_albumart#1. Hello Hurricane :: Switchfoot (ok, technically you can't listen to you this until November 10, but that's right around the corner and the second you can you should, GO GET IT!

My lovely wife reviews CD's and interviews cool people and stuff like that. She recently interviewed John Forman, lead singer of Switchfoot, i was able to listen in! And we've been listening to their upcoming album for a month or so now, and i like it more every time i hear it, it's really good! Probably the best rock album i listened to in awhile.

So yea, Go check it out November 10th! Or get on Youtube and listen to a few of the tunes now. It's worth it. Here is the video for the 1st single they are pushing. Not my favorite song but it's good. kings-of-leon#2. Only by the Night :: Kings of Lion Also an amazing rock album and a couple of the tunes are "rip your face off" good. I could listen to Be Somebody on repeat for most of a day i do believe. So good! jay-z_blueprint3_cover#3. The Blueprint 3 :: Jay-Z I have always been a huge Jay-Z fan, he's probably my favorite rap fello. Common, Tribe Called Quest, and a few others are up there on my hip-hop / Rap list but Jaz-Z has always been tops. And on this, his newest album he doesn't disappoint. You might want to get the edited version, or not, but it's really stinking good! Creative, classic and star studded; a lot amazing cameo's (Kanye, Pharell, Young Jeezy, Alica Keys, Rihana, etc.) So if your a fan you will love this one. A need to breathe#4. Outsiders :: Need to Breathe This one came out of nowhere for me. I don't listen to a lot of CCM kind of stuff but this album was a pleasant surprise. It's really good! Maybe you'll understand this statement, this album doesn't sound Christian. Many of the song could find themselves on pop / top 40 radion easily. It has a bit of the Mark Broussard, Gavin Degraw sound with a bit of their own feel. Bottom line it's really good. Check it out! A future of#5. Travel II :: Future of Forestry This is more of the stuff i listen to everyday. It's the chill, electronica, vibe music. Great lyrics to get into but a vibe that take you some place. I haven't heard the other tunes they have put out recently (they are putting out a whole series of these Travel EP's) but i am looking forward to hearing them because this one is great! Notable mentions :: Pink Moon :: Nick Drake // 5 :: The Sailor Sequence // How He Loves Me :: The Glorious Unseen // Alive Again :: Matt Maher

Who knows, maybe i will feature one of these groups in the future but check em all out for sure!

Peace Erik