BUY A T-SHIRT! or something...

Hey friends!along with the re-launch of my website i have open an online store of sorts. This is the location to get all your eMinistries gear and goodies.

banner black & white

As of right now we just have t-shirts in the store. SOONER than later  my first book will be coming out as well as a CD containing music and message (my "Revolutionary Thougths" to be precise.) It's kinda a cool little project i'm working on. (hopefully available Feb. 2010)

But PLEASE, check out the merch store, buy a t-shirt and support the ministry God is calling me to.

Honestly, i have no desire to be a "store" of any kind but selling t-shirts and things really help to financially support the ministry God has called me to.

So check it out! BUY a t-shirts! Show your support!

Grace and peace Erik