Getting what you deserve | Justice & Mercy

Thinking about grace and thinking about getting what you deserve. Issues of Mercy & Justice I suppose.

My thoughts :: Does God hold out on us because we don’t pray enough? Does God give us more “blessing” or gift when we pray more? Does God hold out on us when we mess up? Does he give us more when we behave? When we’re good little Christians? And less when we don't?

The list of questions could go on but I think that will do and you get the idea.

The good Rev. Thomas McKenzie made a point in his sermon a week or so ago at Redeemer that God doesn’t punish us. All punishment was absorbed in the person of Jesus Christ. I think that’s true. And I think it’s an important theological point. But it doesn’t answer the questions above. At least not for me.

Now I don’t think God works like that, giving and taking based on our performance or something but it sure feels like that sometimes, doesn’t it. Maybe it’s just the way we have been taught to think? Partly based on God in the OT and partly based on the art of coercion that the Church is WAY to good at.

So how does it really work? How does God interact with us if not in the way insinuated by the questions above?

Thinking through the issues od grace in real life and connecting the dots. HELP!

Embracing Grace and peace Erik