The whole picture

hole-785804A lot of us evangelicals have focused on heaven, hell and getting people saved. This has been our gospel. And our mission efforts have reflected this. Richard Stearns is aware and disappointed! So he is challenging the Church, through his book "A Whole in the Gospel" to a holistic faith of following Jesus by reaching to those in the margins and meeting their needs. He challenges us the reader to this because he understands this is a central part of the gospel of Jesus! This is a great book if you have a heart for issues of justice or if you need to develop a heart for justice : specifically for the poor and the oppressed.

Now, it’s never a bad time for these words but I do think Sterns has published his book a few years late. As a young(er) Christian I think this issues has really been on the table for the past 5 years, at least in the circles I run in and among the books I read. But this doesn’t really take away anything from The Hole in our Gospel, a book I would recommend everybody and anybody read!

You can get ahold of this book on amazing or any major book seller.