Blogging from a train

Last time I blogged from a train I was on my way to Chicago to meet up with my 12 best friends in the world. We were all gathering to hanout and celebrate! I was getting married! And for those who know me well know how much celebrating was in  order, a miracle was about to happen, Erik E. Willits was about to get married! This train ride isn't as eventfull, I'm just heading into Boston to meet up with an old friend and them catch a Red Sox / White Sox game.

But this blogging train ride has me reflecting on my last. I remember the emotions and crazy thoughts swirling in my head. It was on that train into Chicago that it really sank in, "HOLY CRAP, I'm getting married."

But it was a great train ride of prayer and reflection. And the following 4 days in the city with friends and then family and THEN my wedding were probably the best 4-5 days of my life!

Tomorrow I will fly back to Nashville, where my wife is. I haven't seen her or her big beautiful belly in a week. I can't wait to kiss her (my wife) and rub her belly (my son).

So this train ride has me remembering but also pondering what life will be like come December when a new little Willits is hanging out with us.

Life keeps happnening... And I'm thankful!

Grace and Peace Erik