I think scheming is important for the Christian! We can make plans or try and plot a course but those things often aren't subversive enough. Planning is what everybody does. Plotting a course is to boring!

The Jesus followers must be on their toes, ready for the Spirit to move, ideas to be stirred, dreams to be given.

Revolutionary followers of Jesus :: THE RESISTANCE are people who scheme!

We scheme of ways to break down walls and emerge through cracks. We scheme of shattering power structures and forming communities. We scheme of ways to establishing life and bring heaven to earth.

The bottom line is that we scheme of ways to participate in God redemptive action and his eschatological movement!

We scheme as a community and we scheme with the Spirit!

Today I have been scheming… So in this next year I plan on putting out an alubm, writing a book, and going on a tour. Just a little scheming!

What are you scheming these days?