Keeping up... WITH LIFE!

Most things come at you in spirts, and sometimes you can even kinda control the flow or even turn it off if you want. And as i was writing the previous statement i wanted to follow it up by saying, "but life just keeps coming and you can't really control it or turn it off... it just keeps coming and all you can do is just try and keep up with it."

And that would have been partly true... but not really!

The reality of life is that you can control the flow! In a really large way you can control the flow of life. What's coming, what's going... your time, attention, attitudes, and everything. YOU CONTROL IT! (at least in alot of ways)

So to start this post i wanted to say, "Life just keeps coming and i'm trying to keep up." And you would have known what i was talking about. e-mail, facebook (the million other social network platforms you are plugged into), friends, family, kids (gulp), work, work, did i say work... and everything else.

BUT really, i have control over ALOT of this.

I can unplug, slow down, manage time. I can be and do what i want.

So instead of saying i have no control, i think in this moment i am realizing I DO have control and i need to wield it! And live the kind of like i was created to live and i want to live.

LIFE... get ready to keep up with me!

Grace and peace Erik

(I probably should change the title of this post... but what fun would that be)

WITH LIFE... keep up!!!