A Scheming friend :: Brad Goode

My buddy Brad Goode is a pastor in Alabama. He works at a church i used to work at, St. James UMC! He has been doing some scheming lately and i just thought i'd share, who knows maybe you can connect with what he's doing!

Check out his blog for more details :: Brad's Blog

The Jonathan Project :: This is a really cool scheme having to do with small group and putting their resources to use. I don't know anything else really like it, so it's a pretty cool idea on how to mobilize and stir creativity in your small group. Here are a couple posts about this by Brad :: The Jonathan Project :: post #1 The Jonathan Project :: post #2

Also Brad knows a guy in Montgomery by the name of Brian Kelly. Brain is scheming BIG! Figuring out ways to break systemic violence and cycles of despair. Really AMAZING stuff.

Brian's ministry in the inner city of Montgomery is called Common Grounds. And no it's not a coffee shop! But it's worth checking out and supporting for sure!

Brad is doing a little project with Brian and Common Grounds, you can check that out here. 6000 feet away

REALLY GOOD STUFF! Check it out and get involved!

Scheme away!!! Peace Erik