baseball & business...

Well life feels busy these days, which is good but i am just getting hoping all the thing i want and pray for are going to start keeping me busy and not all this other crap. I did manage to get to a baseball game on Saturday! I'm a huge Chicago White Sox fan so i talked my budy barry into heading up to Cincinnati for the day with me and catching a Sox / Reds game.

It was awesome and we had AWESOME!!! seats!

PS :: i picked up the new iPhone friday when it came out! So below is a little video from the game . Pretty amazing that my phone took this video, at least i think it is.

TIP OF THE DAY :: if you have an old 3G iPhone put it on craigslist, TODAY!!! i put my old white 3G (16GB) phone on Craigslist for $225 and got about 40 emails that day! Sold it and then bought the new phone 16GB iPhone for $199.00 // $217.00 after tax.

So yea, i MADE $8 bucks or so by getting the new 3GS! Amazing i know!

Here's the video!