Sovereignty & all things…

Don’t you wondering how this whole sovereignty thing works? This idea that God has all things in his hands and works ALL THINGS for the good of those who love him. You know, all that action. Don’t you wonder?

Doesn’t it just seem like life tosses crap our way all to often. And beyond that life tosses HUGE curve balls our way from time to time.

Psalm 136 seems to think that All that God does is because his steadfast love endures forever. I like the idea but when you think about and if you are honest, it’s hard to embrace that sometimes, isn’t it? It’s hard to think that God’s steadfast love does some of that things that happen in our lives, it’s hard to think that God’s steadfast love caused some of things we read about in the bible.

There is a story told by old Jewish guys recounting the story of the Israelites cross the Red Sea. You know, the whole parting of the waters deal. The story (from these old Jewish rabbis) is that the angels began to celebrate when the Israelites cross over but God rebuked them saying that it wasn’t a time to rejoiced because some of his creation has just been destroyed in the waters, a.k.a. the Egyptians.

It’s seems like God’s heart is bent that way, to love and protect his creation but sometime the things that happen in our world and more specifically in our / my life makes me wonder where he’s at and what he’s up to.

Just some thoughts as I’m meditating on Psalm 136 this week.

“for his steadfast love endures forever.”

I HOPE! Erik