I guess if i had to use the cliche of seasons i would say, among other things, this is a season of bloglessness. or something. I just haven't been blogging much lately.

But i do have a few things on my mind from a conversation i had today, let me share.

I was having a conversation with a friend today and i started spouting off how i felt like i was in this or that "season" of life? I suppose there was some truth to what i was saying but after i ended the call (cause you don't really hang up an iPhone) i started thinking about how i was full of it!

I don't really feel like i am in some kind of "season", whatever that means.  And often that's just a Christian way to say life sucks.

I was wonder what would happen if we were just honest? And instead of hiding our sorrow, depression and even joy in the vernacular of "seasons" what if we could just be honest.

"Life's hard"  :: "i'm depressed"  ::  "I feel like everything is slipping through my fingers"

On the brighter side...

"I'm happy"  ::  "I feel content"  ::  "I'm doing well"

I think we hide our present state in our Christian language because we either don't want people to know we are not doing well or we don't want people to feel bad cause we are doing good and maybe they are not.

like i said, there is some truth to the idea of "seasons" and the bible talks about there being a season for everything. Which i would suppose is where we get the metaphor. But i just hate being so Christian that i'm being dishonest. You know what i mean?

I want to cultivate the kind of relationships where people ask me how i'm doing and i feel the space to really tell them. And when i'm b.s.-ing those same people call me out and ask for not the right answer but the real one.

Honesty is hard! but the more i learn the more i realize the hard way is usually the best way. and that's not a cliche that's the TRUTH!

So how are you doing? And who are you telling?

Shalom Erik