Olivet on the map... FOR BEER PONG!

I went to a conservative Christian college (Olivet Nazarene University), dry campus and all. It's a university of the Church of the Nazarene Church, a conservative evangelical denomination and one of their STRICT rules (i know from experience) is that they abstain from alcohol. Beer pong is a pretty innocent game other than the fact IT"S CALL BEER PONG! This video is of a bunch of Olivet kids who are apparently well versed in the art of beer pong! I wonder if they got suspended for this? People have been suspended for less, trust me!

This video is pretty amazing and hilarious (in context). Putting Olivet Nazarene on the Map! Classic! ONU, the beer pong capital of the universe!

Check it out!

And to top it off here is the New York Times web article on Olivet's beer ponging activities!

Peace and Beer!  (blue moon for me please!)