word / song - picture association...

We talk about word - picture association. A certain word will pull up a picture your mind. Well i have a song that pulls up a certain picture in my mind [SONG] Let God Arise :: Chris Tomlin

[PICTURE] Cross Point Church, Nashville TN. When i work on Sunday mornings i usually go to Cross Point Sunday night, really enjoy worshiping there and seeing a few peoples i know! Great place. Well one particular time i went to Cross Point  there was a black guy sitting in the front row and this song came on and he started dancing like a machine! This gentleman was probably homeless, at least it looked that way and he didn't care that he was surrounded by white hipsters and young white family... he went after it! It was awesome.

So whenever i hear this song i think of that picture :: a black, homeless guy sing "death has no sting, no final word... let God arise... Our God reigns now and forever..."  LOVE IT!

I randomly heard that song today, thought i'd share!

Peace Erik