Some interviews // Music Monday 14.0

Well i haven't been keeping up with my music mondays, maybe i should change the name... "monthly music mondays" or something that helps me to feel better for only doing it not very often.  ANYWAY!

It was GMA week here in Nashville last week, always good / crazy times! GMA = Gospel Music Association in case you were wondering.

My buddy Jeff is starting a little Christian news website :: / check it out :: and he asked me to do some interviews so that he could post them on his website. 

Here are the groups i got to interview  (in order of favorites :: I did 10 interviews)

 #1. Dreampilots These guys were really rad! They come from Norway and have a real Christian U2 vibe going on. There music could be refined a bit i think but they're pretty good. But more than anything they were awesome guys. Great attitudes and just a real sense of gratitude and authentic spirituality about them. I kinda wanted to hangout with these guys after the interview, they were just really cool. I really do wish them the best... SO go buy there CD and go to their concert when they tour over here in the fall!



#2. Stryper Of course stryper has to be high on my list! These guys are OLD but their 80's hair metal rock is coming back in for sure, why not take advantage. Only Oz was able to make the interview and when i asked him if they were bringing back the yellow striped leather he took the question WAY to serious and surprised me with a yes! But corrected me, it's not leather, it's spandex. hmmm...


#3. After Edmund These guys were also really cool and i also really like their music. They were one of the few bands i had heard of before i interviewed them. These guys have lots of fun and put out quality tunes for sure! Check em out, they will be at all the major festivals this summer.  They also have a newer album out that is worth the listen. 




#4. Billy Buchanan Billy was probably the funnest interview i did. Just a really chill, funny guy. And he told me i asked good questions. I like him!

#5. Jeff Chandler Jeff was a really cool guy. He has 7, that's right 7 kids. He's a song writer and worship leader in the line of a Chris Tomlin. He has a album coming out in a couple months i think. Check it out.  

#6. Carried Away This was a group in the CCM, Point of Grace vibe. They were nice kids but not really my kind of tunes, good stuff none the less. They tour a lot and just added a male vocalist to their group recently. Really good kids and seemed to have really great hearts for the ministry they are doing.  

#7. Devyn Devyn is a 17 year old Christian Hanna Montana. I wanted to bring up the comparison in the interview but i didn't want to offend her. She did say she has a very "disney vibe" and i would agree. She that young poppy disney kinda music. So if your a huge Hanna Montana fan like me, you will will love her. ;-)

#8. Kevin LaVar Kevin was a super nice black gospel, R&B singer. Really nice and had some great things to say. His music has placed him in some pretty awesome places to minister the gospel. He was up for a dove award for his music video  You Are Not Alone, check it out, it's pretty good. 

#9. Manic Drive I really enjoyed all my interviews but these last couple. i don't want to dog on these guys - Manic Drive but i'm not a huge fan of their music and the lead singer... yea, he was a lead singer. Enough said. I interviewed them and that's that. I'm sure lots of kids will love them and hopefully they have a heart to minister to these kids. I didn't pick that up but i was only with them for 4 minutes. Check em out, maybe you will like them. 

#10. The Imperials The Imperials are an old time group. They claim to have toured with Elvis Presley... OLD! I had never heard of them but i guess they are huge with the older folks. One of the guys from the group made sure we knew that they had won a bunch of dove awards and a couple grammy. They announced they are changing their name to Standing Still and are going to try and make a come back, reaching a broader audience. Interesting. I didn't do much talking or question asking in the "interview" they did most of the talking for me. 

So that was my experience. Check out some of this music and enjoy! 

Peace Erik