Lenten practices and my wandering mind…

The space in-between my ears in really loud! Can anybody else attest to this? I wake up in the morning wanting to recite the Lord Prayer and spend a little time with Jesus, during Lent I have even said that I would commit to spending time with God first thing (i am calling it the principal of first things :: first things first!) so before I turned on my phone, eat breakfast, checked my email… before anything else I spend some time reading my bible and praying, this was my “taking on” activity of Lent. But dang is my gray matter loud!

So many streams of thought, items I need “to do” that day, people I need to email, idea I have for ministry… the list could go on and on,, my mind is constantly full of STUFF // random thoughts!

If I were I honest I would confess that it’s hard to pray without getting distracted. If I were honest I would admit that it’s really hard to read my bible for long periods of time with out needing to add items to my “to do” list or thinking of people I need to call. If I were really honest I would confess that I never spent time with God without being distracted and/or interrupted by my wandering mind.

Yea, I have certain “tricks” I use to focus and center my heart and mind but it’s so freaken hard!

Am I alone?

Does anybody else’s busy mind and shouting thoughts get in their way of the kind of personal prayer and devotion life they really want?

For me this is one of the reasons Lent has been extra beneficial to me this year.

To say the least I AM PLUGGED IN! This isn’t always bad but it sure can be distracting. So the goal of my Lenten activities this year has been giving up some of my social addictions (facebook, VIRB, twitter, etc.) and taking on the practice of first things… doing this in an attempt to cultivate the kind of spiritual life I hope to grow into. But it sure ain’t easy!

So Lent has been really good and really enlightening. It has made me think I need to continue the practice of first things and be more intentional about being less plugged in and more connected to God and real life people.

But I sure am anticipating resurrection Sunday!

Grace and peace Erik