Gardening Eden :: Book Review

I recently received this book in the mail to review, there was a mix up with my address so I received it a bit late (I’ll use that excuse but really it’s just been a busy few weeks). But I am really looking forward to reading Gardening Eden by Michael Abbate.

I once made a “urban garden” for my wife, it was a birthday present. It was really fun and as we cultivated our little box of gardening goodness I really began to realize how beneficial it is to do something with your hands and realized how one totally thinks about food, groceries, and the earth differently when you have a stake in it, other than just consumption.

As I have flipped through the book, reading bits and peices it seems like Abbate hits on some really key and relevant topics for the aspiring gardener who has a desire to follow Christ in biblical ways and is thinking about God’s call on our lives to care for his creation.

Here is a quote I came across, “We need to discover what our faith has to say about the issues of environmental stewardship. As God followers, we’re convinced that our faith is relevant to the issues of the day, but we remain unclear about God’s perspective on the environment.”

So true and it seems like Abbate is on his way to helping us think about these important issues. And hopefully helping us realize our call to be green / to care for His creation! 

Abbate also has a section that is simply about becoming a better gardener and then give tons of great resources at the end of the book.

Like I said, I haven't been able to read more than 20 or 30 so pages but I am excited about diving into this one!

Go online and pick up your copy :: Amazong :: Gardening Eden

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Peace & green! Erik