Conferences :: pick one

So which conferences are you going to these days. I'm a twitter-er OF COURSE! and it seems like everybody and their mother has been at a conference in the last few weeks. What conferences are you going to and what's your favorite? Here are a few i am hearing about that i would really like to try...

//  Catalyst The Catalyst Conference is pretty well know and they just started a West Coast version which just happened last week i think. I'm looking forward to attending the ATL version of Catalyst this next year. November i think. Anybody with me and want to pay for a hotel room for me to stay in?

// Exponetial This conference is geared more narrowly toward church planters it seems but i hear really good things. Anybody been? What's the word? I'd like to attend this action sometime!

// Mars Hill Conferences Every once in awhile Rob Bell and his people put on a conference. Did anybody go to the Isn't She Beautiful conference? I did and i really enjoyed. The breakout sessions were ok but the main teaching by Rob was amazing! He really struck a chord with struggling pastor and helped us to fall in love with the church again, i think! The new conference (poets-prophets-preachers) is going to be this summer. I'll be attending. JOIN ME! And again, if anybody wants to let me sleep on the couch in your hotel room, that would be rad!  Thanks Nate Well for the couch at Isn't She Beautiful!

// Willow Creek Willow holds a crap load of conference. I used to go to the evangelism conference every year but haven't been in a few. Usually pretty good.

// NOC The National Outreach Convention / Conference. I went last year cause my wife worked for Outreach. i really enjoyed it. Lots of great leaders, semi-small so you connect with lots of people and it's in San Diego! How about it!

// National Youth Workers Convention (YS) Marko gave me a free pass this last year to the NYWC in Nashville and i really enjoyed it! Probably will go again, probably will try to set up some kind of booth / promo deal for the ministry at the next one. If anybody wants to help with that let me know!

There are A TON of conferences out there. What are you going to? What's your favorite and why? I would love to hear.

Hopefully i will see you at the next conference!

Peace Erik