Writing as / and spiritual discipline

I have decided i need to be more intentional about writing. I have been talking for the last 3 years or so about this or that book that i'm working on, and it's true, i'm not lying i promise. I have been SLOWLY working on a couple book ideas. It's the intentionality and discipline that escapes me! Discipline, especially spiritual discipline has never been my strong suite. This is one of the reasons why i study spiritual disciplines and preach about spiritual disciplines. Most people think you need to be an expert in order to preach or teach something, i strongly disagree with that! i preach on love, evangelism, grace, prayer, following Jesus, and i even preach on spiritual disciplines. NONE of which would i consider myself an expert in the field of. A topic like prayer is a great example. Over the past year or two i have preach 20 + times on prayer and the Lord's Prayer. I think i have some pretty good stuff to say about it, all of which has come through my study and participation of the topic but in no way do i even come close to considering myself an expert pray-er. I would probably need to confess the opposite. I struggle with my prayer life, i'm scatterbrained when i try to spend time with the Lord. IT"S HARD!!! So i preach about it. Often times feeling like i'm preaching to myself as much as i am preaching to anybody else. i think that Spirit works like that! i love it!

The Anglican preacher John Wesley once said that he didn't feel like he had any faith. i would expect his response to be something like, i better take a leave of absence to get thing "right" with the Lord. BUT no, Wesley said this, "i will preach faith until i have it."

That's kinda paradoxical but i think i like it. I think i'm living that in lots of ways these days.

So today...

I am praying that Lord would give me the spirit of discipline and creativity to write something that might help people in their spiritual journey. And i pray that he would at the same time, help me in my journey.

I will be listening to Sigur Ros (great study and writing music) and writing about things like revolution, spiritual discipline, identity, and my life in Christ.

May the words in inspired and flow smoothly.

Writing Erik