IU :: the best sports story i read in awhile!

If you know me well you probably know i'm a pretty big Indiana Hoosiers fan. I am actually wearing my IU hoodie as i type!

Everybody asks me why and the short story is that a kid from my high school (Jamal Meeks) played at IU during the Bobby Knight era and i have never looked back.

Well this year has been a tough year for a true. But also kinda of an exciting year. Despite have the worst record in the Big Ten and the worst IU record in 95 years the team has been super inspirational. Just about everybody is a walk-on and even the team manager got some playing time! AND Tom Crean is the couch! Exciting times!

An amazing story!

And Gene Wojciechowski, a columnist for ESPN wrote a GREAT article about the team today and there trying season. (READ IT) and there's a video interview with the team manager / player at the top of the article. Worth watching.

There's always next year. Most fans just say that but IU fans can really look forward to it. Crean has recruited one of the top classes in the nation, 6 ESPN top 100 players are on there way to IU. And that's just the start!

IU will return!