Super Bowl Commercials :: My favorites

Well the best part of the Super Bowl is always the commercials, right?!?!  The game was pretty solid this year but the commercials take the cake! Despite the fact i didn't think they were as good as past years there were still a few good ones. VERY COOL! You can watch them all on -- Check em' out!

I wanted to make a top 5 list but there were only four that i really liked. Some honorable mentions to follow.

Pepsi Max :: I’m good

Hulu :: Evil Plot

Career :: Tips

Coke zero :: Palumlu

And here are the honorable mentions Pepsi :: Pepsuber Coke Classic :: Avitars E trade :: talking baby Pedigree :: Crazy pets Bud light :: Swedish Pepsi :: Refresh Anthem Doritos :: Crystal Ball Bud light :: Meeting There also seemed to be a good amount of movie trailers during this years super bowl time. Here's a couple that i'm looking forward to! Transformers 2 :: Trailer Star trek :: Trailer Land of the Lost :: Trailer Year one :: Trailer Angels and Demons :: Trailer


So there are my favs! What are yours?

Peace & commercials Erik