Had a conversation about liberty with some guys a couple weeks ago, the topic has been rattling around in my brain since then. Some thoughts :: LIBERTY

Liberty is really all about perspective, right?

I might feel like i have the liberty to spend my money and use my credit cards however i please. This liberty affords me nice things and a certain style of life. BUT it often binds me to debt, it binds me to a consumeristic mindset and expectations.

It seems like my liberties liberate me to some things but bind me to others. Another example...

When I was single I had liberty to talk to any girl and liberty to flirt and try to date anyone I wanted. But I was bound to celibacy and the always present question “is this girl even worth it?” When your married you have liberty to… well, do married people things! You have the liberty to focus your love into the direction of one person. But there is a temptation to feel bound by that one person and to feel like you don't have the liberty to live like you used to. You might bound to a location where that other person is and the commitment you have made to them.

Being bound is not always a bad thing. But we have elevated the value of personal liberty so much that anything or anybody that binds us seems to be negative.

I think the trick as I have been thinking about this is in ones perspective. Most things that bind us are also liberating us from other things. When we are liberated from one thing we are often being bound by another.

Bound to certain spending habits Liberated from Debt Bound to a wife / family Liberated from the selfish, annoying dating world

Oh to be bound by the right things and liberated from everything else.

Seeking to be bound to Christ Erik

PS :: Because this topic is rattling around in my brain i decided to re-read the book Christian Liberty by Martin Luther. So far, so good. I'll probably share about that later.