LENT :: a practice in fasting

Lent means a lot of things to a lot of people, to me it has meant for the past 4 or 5 years that i have practiced LENT a practice in prayer and fasting among other things.  I will further dive into my understand of LENT but i thought i would post a few helpful // interesting Lent Links that might help you get started! 

First off, of course...

Wiki LENT This is Wikipedia info on Lent. A good read with some helpful information. 

Next is ehow LENT a nice little "how to" for the beginning Lent observer. 

One of my biggest question is always, "What should i fast from this year". In case you didn't know, during Lent one gives up (fasts) or takes on certain things.  This is Yahoo answer :: what to fast from during Lent  Some interesting answers indeed; sweets, religion, computers, TV, and my personal favorite Lent als. To name a few.  

I do believe this year i will be giving up my social media networks.  No facebook, twitter, VIRB, myspace, etc, etc. i might go through withdrawals but i think it will be good for me.  

I also plan on taking up the discipline of reading and praying everyday, first things. Most every day i read and pray but most everyday it's after breakfast, after some computer time, after whatever else. Often i even roll over and check my email via my beautiful iPhone and then play a game or to. Nerd, i know... So the plan is to pray and read my bible first thing.

Here are some links to other who are fasting from social media. and i thought i was the only one!   


The facebook link to the social media fast group.  a funny concept if you really think about it.  

A little article on Social networking fast :: from the marketing shift


This was another interesting fast i found while googling around. Interesting :: The carbon fast 


Peace and fasting!  Erik