a week in California...

Well i am in California for the week. Spending some time with friends and speaking at an event out this way. Really excited about the event and some of the things i will be sharing. As the weekend progress, if i am able to get online i will shoot some thoughts and experiences from the weekend. Probably a few pictures as well! Being back in California has come with a mixed bag of emotions!

My brain isn't really sure how to handle it all. Just 5 months ago i was living in Carlsbad (where i now sit). I realize i am only visiting but there is part of my brain / heart that is confused. "Is this home?" "Am i just visiting?" Internal confusion! And a bit of sadness cause i know i will be leaving again.

What i do know is that i am stoked to be here. To get to hang with some friends. Go to all my favorite little spots. Sit on the beach. Enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather! I head out to the mountains today for the retreat but will be back in Carlsbad Monday and am here till thursday. Gonna soak it all in for sure!!!

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