When i wake...

i am not sure that i am a normal human being, maybe but i'm not sure. Just about every morning i wake up there is a song in my head. Without fail! Does anybody else have this happen to them? Often times the song is something i listened to the previous night or at some time the previous day but other times it's just random, no explanation for the tune that is playing in the recesses of my brain. I have thought about incorporating this into my blog, entitled :: my morning play list or something a bit more clever. But who really cares about what song is playing in my head when i wake up? Probably not you.But now you know.

But then there was today?

Today was weird because i kinda woke up at about 6:30am, that's a solid 3 hours before my typical arrival time. But today when i woke up (kinda) i didn't hear a song but instead i was dreaming. And for about 2 hours i was in a quasi sleep / dream state. The dream was like a very vivid movie that i had never seen. The people in the dream/movie were people i have never met and in situations that i have never been in.

This dream/movie kept playing until i finally had to wake up to write it down. And i still can't get it out of my head. It has thrust me into a contemplative stupor.

So now i have about four pages of dream written down. i'm sure it won't go much further than that but who knows, maybe i have the next indie sensation on my hands.

Anybody want to help me make a movie!

Peace and Dreams Erik


William Fitzsimmons Bon Iver Iron and Wine The Killers Jon Foreman Obediah Parker David Mead Cold Play Waterdeep Paper Route The Daylights

Tell me that wouldn't be a KILLER sound track! Maybe the best part of the movie!