Starting off the new year right...

I am starting off 09 STRONG!!! Last night my wife and i went on a little date (always a good thing for the married peopels as i'm learning). We sat down over a cup of tea and set some FAMILY goals. To be honest i am not much of a goals guys, i just feel like i am going to botch them anyway so why set them. But i thought if i was ever going to start i thought i should start with my wife, setting some good goals! So we did. Our goals are a mix of spiritual, financial, communal, and marriage enrichment! I think our five goals are very measurable (thanks for the tip troy!) and filled with goodness. I am excited about them.

I also started a little workout action in O9! P90X!!! I am sure i will tell you more about that soon!

I shaved! My wife thought that was a great way to start the year. I will post some pictures of my Christmas beard shaving soon.

And a few other things here and there.

We're starting off strong and trying to live out Micah 6:8

* Act Justly ** Lover Mercy *** Walk humbly with God

Here's to 09'