Bon Iver // Music Monday 13.0

Well it's the first Monday of 09 so i thought i needed to start the year out strong! In 2 ways... #1. i needed to start 09 strong by actually posting some tunes on the first monday of the year. The goal is to do music monday EVERY monday. That doesn't always happen but so far it has happened every monday of this year, starting strong! #2. I needed to start 09 strong by posting some thoughts on some STRONG / Stellar tunes! Bon Iver qualifies!

I have been listening to this guy on repeats for months and months now. So many of you probably know his stuff and love it as much as i but for those of you that don't, DROP EVERYTHING right now and click on one of the links below or watch one of the videos, it will rip your face off!

And he is coming out with a new CD this month would will probably be amazing! I am really looking forward to hearing it!


My favorite tunes are :: Skinny Love & re: Stacks

Just great tunes. For me these are songs that get my mind running and just really connect on a deep and profound level. I would say something about the SOUL but who knows what that is. But Bon Iver's music really does resonate somewhere deep inside though. @ with least me.

Here are some links to check out :: followed by a couple good youtube videos of Bon Iver

Official Website Bon Iver on VIRB Myspace


Same song but he was on Letterman so i had to post it.

This is an interview and then the song he performed! (he explains his name and some other cool things in the interview.)