Christmas Beard 4.0 :: The final shot

Well i let the Christmas Beard grow for almost a monthand boy did it get beefy.

Here is the progression. Sidenote :: i almost forgot to take the final pic, so it's a half shaved final pic. It works. (keep scrolling for some fun shaving the Christmas beard pics!!!)

A nice looking gotee. I like it! (but it gets better)

I love it!!! My mom got me a sweet leather jacket for Christmas. i wanted to keep the foo man chew and go my imaginary harley. But my wife was not having!!!

So funny!

Even better!!! I could not stop laughing. Andrea hated it even more!!!

Well, i did finally shave the stach... but only after Andrea threatened me profusely!

So now, once again, i am normal erik!

Until next Christmas at least.

Peace and Beards