brain function...

I am remembering why i hated History of Christianity classes in college... it was because we would have these memorization term tests. We would have over TONS of terms on every test and then we would be quizzed (fill in the blank if i remember right) on random aspects of these terms. It was one of my least favorite classes in all of college. And my grade reflected that. My brain just doesn't function like that. I am not a memorizer. My method is oral and written engagement. I need to read something, write about about and / or have discussion. That's how i learn. Memorization... my brain just doesn't really function like that.

All that to say, the Cheesecake Factory is HELL right now. I am having to memorized not only the over 200 menu items but about 3-5 ingredients for every one of those items. *&%#!@#!$%^&(**^  (i know that's a really long expletive but this training crap deserves it).

Life will be 1000% better in about a week when i have a decent grasp of the menu and am actually making money by serving tables. But for now, i have to study this stupid menu.