Back to work / have me speak at your church PLEASE!

So yea, this post have 2 or 3 titles... Back to work... Waiting tables, AGAIN! Have me speak at your church, PLEASE!

I could probably think of a few more but those will do for now. But it's true, the speaking ministry is REALLY slow these days, my wife and i are in a bit of debt, and we need to be able to pay our rent. All that equals yours truly waiting tables again!

:: My new job ::

So there ya go, i am back on the floor doing the serving thing. In all actuality i really like serving but it's been awhile since i have done it and to be honest, i'm rusty! Last time i served tables i was living in Vail Colorado and worked at Paddy's. A little local, laid back restaurant. It was good times and pretty good tips. The Cheesecake Factory IS NOT laid back but the tips should be excellent once i get on the floor. But for now i am learning a menu with over 200 items on it. CRAZY! i know.

So that will be my life for the next couple weeks. Should be interesting. i'll keep you updated!

Peace & Cheesecake Erik