A new year and a new you, or at least a new me...

So, how many of you have made some new years resolutions? One of the most popular new years resolutions is to get fit / loose some weight. And this year that not only my resolution but it's my plan!

P90X this is my plan!

I have know a few other would done this horribly intense workout program. A few guys in LA i know have done / are doing it. They definitely have seen some results but i didn't really see them much BEFORE. But then i moved back to Nashville and guy i new in town did the P90X system and got ripped! When you see the results you get some extra motivation for sure! So i asked for the program for Christmas and my mom got it for me. And now we are on a journey! 

 The program consists of 12 DVD's, a workout handbook,  and an intense diet plan. My wife and I are doing  the program together, altough she has been sick and also  has some back issues so for most of the time so far, i  have been on my own.   You work out 6 days a week, following one of the 12 DVD  each day. Each workout is about 60 min long, but Yoga  (which you do one day a week is 90 min.) 

 I am 11 days into the program and already seeing some  minor results! 

 My biggest victory was today! Yesterday i missed for the  first time. Usually once i miss my first day of a "routine" i  toss in the towel. Or say, "i'll just start again next week"  or "next month" or "next year. But not this time, i once again was jumping around and lifting in front of my TV today. We are gonna do this thing! 

My primary goal is to get under 200 LB's (that pounds). i haven't been there for a few years now and it's about time i was! 

My secondary goal is to be able to do 10 pull-up (that seems like a weak i know, BUT I AM WEAK!!!) I can do about 2 pull-ups todate, but i am pushing through and trying to get it done. In 90 days the plan is to be cranking em out! 

My thirdary (???) goal is to be able to do 50 push-ups. I'm at about 27 (i think). So 50 should be to hard to get to. 

And above all, the goal / plan / investment of it all is just to get healthy. 

We are on our way!

Grace and peace & P90X! Erik

PS :: come on back periodically and i will give you some updates. And i would love to chat about your goal, especially if they are fitness related!