A different worship experience...

Today my wife and i went to Brentwood Baptist Deaf Church. Andrea is actually writing a article on the church so we decided to go check it out. It was pretty fascinating. How they worship, how things are set up, and how they diverse a group they had.

A couple things really struck out to me;

#1. The chapel they meet is extraordinary. I have only a bit of the story but i was told this is the only facility like that is built specifically for the hearing impaired. The floor is built so that during worship the congregation feels the music as much as they do anything.  Really cool experience.

#2. It struck me that many of the people in the service were hearing. It wasn't an exclusively deaf crowd and there was an interpreter for us, people with hearing. It's an interesting experience to know that people are making accommodations for you.

Most of all, the people were really friendly. I briefly met the paster and he seemed like a great guy with an incredible heart for the people that his ministry is reaching. I just thinks it's amazing when people do what it take, become creative and innovative to reach people who need to know the gospel. And when people do that, not because the people they will reach are rich or will have a lot to offer but just because they sense the need, i think that is amazing. I think that to often these days ministry outreach is based on reaching people who will benefit you and your church rather than just meeting peoples needs and letting the rest fall into place. This just seemed like a really natural, organic ministry that was authentically meeting the needs of a people group that most churches aren't really thinking about.

I would encourage you to check out Brentwood Deaf Church and if you can go visit and help them out any way you can. They are doing some great things.

Grace and peace Erik