09 family goals...

Well this will be my first full year of marriage.Andrea & i got married April 13th 2008 (we have amazing wedding pictures you can see here) But this is the first full year so we decided to make some goals.

I thought i would share...

#1. Become Active in the communal life of our church. (we just moved back to Nashville & started going to a church so we wanted to make it a goal to get really plugged into a community.)

#2. Develop an avenue of ministry in the city. (this was my wife's idea and think it's awesome! We want to live out our faith!)

#3. Get our credit card debt below $XXX dollars. (i wish there was only three digits to our debt but there is not. So we have a dream! i mean a goal of getting out of credit card debt. We want to be free!)

#4. 10 marriage enriching activities. (We are not sure what these will be :: conferences, seminars, etc. But we know we need to keep our marriage fresh! Any ideas for these activities is welcome!)

#5. At least one 3-5 day adventure trip. (money is pretty tight these days so we want it to be a goal that we get away at least once for a little adventure together. Can't wait to accomplish this one!)

So there ya go. Our 09' goals!