Plugged back in & The holy Longing...

Well i am plugged back in after my day of unplugged-ness. It was a good day and honestly, it's harder for me to fast from my electronic gadgets than it is for me to fast from food. I think that says a lot! I was a pretty good electronic free day. I felt like i got a lot done and i felt like i was able to focus on some spiritual things a bit more. So that was good. Confession :: It was date night, my wife and i try and do that once a week and we did end up watching a movie. I didn't as much as touch the remote so i technically didn't turn on anything electronic but i did enjoy the movie. Maybe cheating, maybe not.


I just started reading this book The Holy Longing, the search for Christian Spirituality. I just started reading it today actually but so far so good! And it really ties into our desires and our "plugged-in" life.

Here are a couple really good quotes. (probably more to come)

He talks about Mother Teresa as a very erotic women. I thought that was humorous. In context he makes a really good point.

"A saint is someone who can, precisely, channel powerful eros in a creative, life-giving way. Soren Kierkegaard once defined a saint as someone who can will on thing."

"Most of us are quite like Mother Teresa in that we want to will God and the poor. We do will them. The problem is we will everything else as well. Thus, we want to be a saint, but we also want to feel every sensation experienced by sinners; we want to be innocent and pure, but we also want to be experienced and taste all of life; we want to serve the poor and have a simple lifestyle, but we also want all the comforts of the rich; we want to have the depth afforded by solitude, but we also do not want to miss anything; we want to pray, but we also want to watch television, read, talk to friends, and go out. Small wonder life is often a trying enterprise and we are often tired and pathologically overextended."

i think that pegs me perfectly and many, many people i know. We want to will one thing but more often we will many things.

So far, so good. i probably keep you updates as i read.

Shalom erik