Playing with the page...

So i have been playing around with my blog page today. I have added a few things and switched around some other things... Here are some of the changes / additions

** I have moved my "wish list" link up so all you who want to buy me books can find the link and go get me some books i want. A book makes a great Christmas gift! hint hint. My Wish List

** I added a calendar. You can click on a date and see what blog i posted on that date. Fairly useless but why not. It's just above the archives. Makes sense, right?

** Pages. I added a link to all the pages that are on my blog. There are a few pages that are hidden but now are not. #1. a page to the Erik Willits pod-cast that doesn't exist yet. But hopefully soon. #2. a link to my recommendations page. You can read what people are saying about me! #3. The ACT-ivist page. This is a page that i plan on using more in the future. It will have stellar quotes and great link to organizations that you can get involved with to ACT out the love of God in this world.

I think that is about all i played with. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Grace and peace Erik