Martin Sexton & some Christmas // music monday 11.0

Well I saw Martin Sexton play here in Nashville a few years back and the show was pretty amazing. He probably has one of the most amazing voices i have heard live. The friend i went with, all were musicians and were just raving about him the entire time! And at his live show he does this amazing thing... he hooks up an extra mic to some kind of synthasizer and ends up playing other instruments with his voice through this mic. It's hard to explain, you'll just have to see him live. You won't regret paying to see this for sure!  

I think about him for to reason this monday.  #1. I have been using this genius thing on my iTunes lately and his song Glory Bound keep getting played. Great song, it can watch and listen to it below!

#2. Martin also have a really good Christmas album. So i am not advocating Christmas music just yet but if you must... here is a Christmas CD worth listening to.

Here are some links and video. ENJOY! He's a pretty amazing musician.

Martin Sexton's Website  Martin Sexton Myspace Wiki Martin Sexton

Noise trade

(you can get his stuff for free on Noise Trade or just use the link above)

Glory Bound

Just search martin Sexon on youtube, you can find tons of stuff.