music monday 10.0 // Obadiah & it's not Christmas yet...

Well it's December and it's snowing in Nashville.  Some would say that all sign lead to Christmas music... NO!  That's what i say! My friend Troy over @ To Will One Thing disagrees with me. He is posting his favorite Christmas music every Monday until Christmas. (stealing my idea music monday i might add). But i approve since he keeps a stellar blog and i would guide you there if you are already craving some good Christmas music. He has already listed Sufjan Steven's Christmas album, which will make my all time top five favorite Christmas albums :: this list will be released the Monday before Christmas.

To me it has always driven me NUTS!!! when people begin playing Christmas music non-stop starting November 1st. Even those who start the day after thanksgiving are a little over the top for me. My call is to play Christmas music non-stop the week of Christmas, maybe 10 days out MAX!

Anyway, when that time come i will shoot you some of my favorites.

Until Then...

Obadiah Parker

Obadia has some great soulful tunes but my favorite is version of Hey Yea, the classic Outcast song song acoustic. It's really good!

I would encourage you to check out his CD but watch this for sure! 

[ This is actually the album version laid over the video his live performance.  The sync is a little off which bothers me but the other version you can't embed the video. But you you'd rather watch that, here's a link. ]