MORE :: the dark night of the soul & some thoughts...

What if the pain is not abandonment? What if silence is not absence? What if Darkness is a path to light? What if deconstruction is the way to growth? What is death actually leads to life? Just thinking a lot of about this idea of the Dark Night of the Soul and the idea that God could actually be in the midst of silence, pain and deconstruction. What if these are actually his ways to new life, real life, abundant life?

But who really wants that? Welcome to America, right.

In the midst of all this I just finish reading a book about the last days of Ernesto “Che” Guevera and the legacy he left (finally, I’ve been reading it for forever). Che has this idea of the el hombre Nuevo (the new human being) that is fascinating. The idea is that the new human was a real revolutionary and the way to this pinnacle of humanity was through struggle, descent, suffering, self denial, justice, and compassion.

But who wants to struggle, or take the path of decent? I guess that’s why they call it “revolutionary”.

I’ll share some more thoughts on Che sometime soon but for now I am just thinking about God’s work in our ( MY ) life and what that actually looks like. And how it might not look like the path our world / culture lifts up as great and grand. Maybe the path of the Christ-ian actually looks like the path Christ took . A novel idea I know, but maybe not as crazy as our country / culture makes it sound. The answer to the questions above :: Jesus. (just incase you missed it)

Grace, peace and revolution Erik