Advent // Happy New Years…

Well in the Christian calendar the first Sunday in advent is the first Sunday on the Calendar. In all honesty I have never really adjusted to this and as much as I mentally understand this I don’t “feel” it. It just doesn’t feel like the new year yet. I don’t know about you but I look forward to beginnings. Beginnings are time to forget the past and push into a new day, to grow into a new reality.

I look forward to Mondays because it’s a beginning. (and for all you people who are really Christian… I know, I know, Sunday is really the first day of the week. Or if you live by the Orthodox calendar it’s the 8th day or something like that. Tricky.) But besides all that, Sunday for me is more of a neutral day for pray and reflection, repentance and forgiveness. For me Sunday leads to Monday, a fresh day and a fresh week

And if any of you are like me -- if I have said I am going to do something :: read my bible every day this week or run a mile, do 10 push-ups every day this week, anything like that -- the first day I fail to do my purposed routine I give up and say, “I’ll start again next week…”

I am always looking forward the first day of the week.

The same goes for the first day of the month. Or the first day of the year.

And if I could get my mind and body wrapped around the Christian calendar instead of my iCal then I would realize we are there, it’s the new year!

Logically this brings up all kinds of issues for me. The anticipation, the Jesus thing, etc… I feel like the year should all start after that. I feel like advent puts me in a state of need, wanting, anticipation because our story tells us that the Christ has not been born yet. but we know he’s coming. But this is the kind of double advent we experience. His birth and also his coming again.

I’m confusing myself. Sorry…

The short story is that the new year has started.

At church we have been encouraged to do some advent practices. Similar to Lenten practices of penitence, almsgiving and self-denial but for advent. I think I am going to do a thing or two but I’m still praying about.

Anyway… happy new year!

I will be tossing up some advent thoughts here and there so stay tuned.