YS / NYWC day #4 :: 2.0

We've been given some space just to reflect on what God has done for us at the conference. That's a different question for me. I'm not a youth pastor so I maybe have a little different perspective here. But for me life has been a bit challenging as of late and just to be able to worship with 12,000 people is pretty powerful.

It's in those weak times, those times where you don't have words or the words you do have you're not sure you believe. It's in these times that your community sings for you, that the people of God say the words your not sure you believe on your behalf. That has been a very sweet thing for me this week. A little painful at times to be honest buy still sweet, like honey to the lips or something.

And just connecting with people I know well and some I don't know really well, this has been my highlight.

Good stuff...

Marko is coming up!